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Turmeric For Skin -

Turmeric For Skin
Helen Nguyen

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  1. Reena

    Interesting post! Yipee this one is new, it answers my few skin problems. I want to give this a try right away.

    • Give it a try :) I bet you like it too!

  2. maseena

    hi helen ,
    I have a couple questions
    first off how long should you keep the face pack on your face
    and second how many times a week should you apply this formula
    lastly how long will it take to see true results?
    thanks and hoping to try this out!

    • Hi Maseena, you can keep the mask on for as long as you feel comfortable with. I would recommend to wait until it dries out, before washing it off. But this depends how thick you apply the mask, if you only put on a thin layer – I think it’ll dries out in 20-30 mins. I usually put on a really thick layer, and leave it on for 2hrs. That’s why I prefer to do the mask in the evening, so I could leave it on my face for as long as possible.

      When the mask has completely dry out, I like to wash it off with luke warm water and massage with my fingers so it will gently removes itself and it exfoliates my skin at the same time too. When the mask is removed, then go ahead and wash your face normally. No need to use cleanser for this.

      I do the mask 2-5 times a week for couple months now. It depends if there is new scarring or redness in my face that I need to treat. You can do it as much as you want, there’s no side effects from this. Unless your skin gets irritates from it, which I doubt – because the ingredients are natural and very nurturing to the skin (turmeric + yogurt). The more you do it, the better of course.

      To be honest, results depends on where you starting at and what you want to treat. For me, I always pick on my skin and I get scars from that. I usually start doing the mask right away, and it helps the skin to heal faster and fades the scars quickly. For my experience, after one week the scars healed about 60-80% :) but you have to keep doing it, until they are completely gone. Persistent is the key here.

      If you try to fade acne scars – do the turmeric mask (put more turmeric powder), at night put on turmeric powder mix with cream on the scars, exfoliate 1-2 times/a week, use sunblock(!). You don’t want the scars to get darker from the sun while you trying to treat them! It’s easier and quicker to fade fresh scars than old ones tho, but it isn’t impossible.

      Sorry for the long answer ;) but I hope this answered all your questions. Oh, be careful with turmeric powder – It STAINS a lot!

      • maseena

        thanks for the great answer, its was long and fully detailed thanks again im definitely going to try this method!!

  3. Azira Bella

    Hai, how are you? I just wanna ask. Is it Turmeric can get rid a away blackheads? Thank you.

    • Hi Bella, I don’t think turmeric can help you get rid off blackheads – it only helps with acne skin. There a lot of articles on line talking about using turmeric to get rid off blackheads, but the methods are used for treating acne skin. For me personally, I do suffered from blackheads and haven’t see turmeric helped me with that problem.

  4. lily


    thanks for your advice. will the tumeric help reduce pigmentation?

    • Hi Lily

      turmeric will help with hyperpigmentation over time. But you have to keep continuously using it, to get the desired effects.

  5. lily

    Thanks for your advice. will tumeric help reduce pigmentation?

  6. Lilly

    My forehead is really dark in comparison to the rest of my face. Will one of these masks help, and if one will, which is best?

    Thanks in advance!

    • With your case, I would recommend just do it on your forehead not the entire at first. And adding more lemon juice helps to kick it up a notch. Of course, remember to exfoliate your forehead more often, perhaps a bit more than the rest of your face. This also speed up the lightening progress :) Oh, and exfoliating the skin before putting on the turmeric mask, is also the key to this treatment. It might stings a bit, but it’ll pass.

  7. Kina

    Hello Helen,
    wow I find this blog very interesting. I am suffering from urticaria and looking for a remedy.
    Pressure urticaria I mean. Found out that turmeric can help treating skin allergies so Iam gonna try it, maybe the turmeric alone no cream or oil or lemon juice. But I would try to combo it with olive oil so it can be easily rinsed off, what do you think :)

    Il be following this blog of yours for more beauty tips :)


    • Hi Kina,

      awww so cool that you decided to follow my blog ;). Okay, with your skin condition..I’m so sorry to hear about it, I hope you’re doing well. As with turmeric, I’m not sure how sensitive is the skin area you want to be treated, so not using lemon juice is wise because it can stings and burns too much. Another alternative for you, is maybe to try out fresh turmeric instead of powder form. Fresh ones are usually more effective anyway, just cut a piece of it and rub it gentle on the skin.

      Other way is making a turmeric paste; turmeric powder + water. I like to apply turmeric yogurt mask, because yogurt has a strong soothing and moisturizing effective to the skin. If the skin is inflamed, sensitive, irritated, dry, itchy etc., yogurt is very effective for treating these symptoms. I never used olive oil with turmeric before, but I guess it’ll work too :) since olive oil is so powerful in many ways, I can see that these two ingredients can be combine together – perhaps try to make a thick paste by mixing them too. Have to warn you tho, turmeric stains A LOT. So be careful with it. Keep me updated with your skin coctail ;)

  8. Kina

    Hello Helen,
    thanks for the quick reply, I bookmarked your blog so I can easily check it.
    I cant use yogurt too because I was told to avoid processed food, canned food, beverages and msg, and foods with high level of histamines.
    LOL. today is my day 1 of using turmeric and I only used water. :D
    But I think I really should combine something to it, because water alone cant make a good paste, I love your skin a lot, What if I’l try combining it with daily cream just to make a paste. Or fresh aloevera, I have aloe vera plants here :D


    • Hi Kina,

      OMGosh, you have fresh aloe vera plants?? That’s awesome! I love to use aloe vera in my skin care, but dang! Fresh aloe vera is even sweeter. Yeah, definitely use it with turmeric. Aloe vera does wonders to the skin. We don’t have fresh aloe here, and I don’t like the aloe gels that I been trying out either :) Been looking for a good aloe gel/product for a while now..*sigh*

      well, water doesn’t add anything to the skin, so in that matter you’re right. But if your skin is really sensitive, it’s the best thing to use, and using it with turmeric already adds and does the thing you need it to be doing. Just put more turmeric powder in, put it in every if you want to :D moisturizer, mask, cleanser, body wash.. After all you can’t really overdose on it lol. I actually heard, you can use turmeric for brushing your teeth, it actually whitens the teeth over time! Crazyyy..

      With my skin, I have some good days and bad days with it. Thank you for the compliment, but if my skin is looking good all the time :) I can stop blogging all together, coz my mission is accomplished lol.

  9. Kina

    Hello Helen,
    thanks for the quick reply, yeah I have aloe vera plants here, Il get a picture of it and post it here lol. Actually Ive check if I can use gram flour and Ive found out yes.. Yay happy.
    This is my second day of my turmeric stuff and yeah I am enjoying it even I only combine it with water, but I put some olive in it. :D

    Hope to hear mor beauty (natural) tips from you Helen


  10. Lilly

    Thanks, Helen!!

  11. maritza

    Hi there! great post. I have this huge bag turmeric and you can only use so much for cooking, so SO happy to know I can use it on my skin. and its perfect because I have some major brown spots on my cheeks and forehead. I have a few questions, hope you don’t mind.

    #1.I have just started to make masks out of Zeolite clay. and was wondering if you would either A) mix the Zeolite clay and the turmeric, to make on mask? or B) make 2 seperate masks and only put the turmeric clay on my pigmentation problem areas and the clay mask on the rest of my face or C) do each one them on alternate days, on the whole face?

    #2. Is it normal for the tumeric to sting the face??

    #3. I have read that it is also good for hair removal? have you heard this?

    Thank you!

  12. sarah

    Hi Helen,

    I love your blog, its really interesting. I just wanted to find out a few things. I am using this to lightening my skin and I was wondering how long should i keep doing this for and how fast do u think i should see results…

    Thank You!

    • Hi Sarah,

      sorry for the late reply, I was away during Christmas.

      You know, it’s hard for me to answer your question for several reasons. For start, I can’t see your skin type, color and condition. And I don’t know are you combining turmeric with anything else and how often you’re commit to the progress. All I can advise you to do is, if you’re serious about skin lightening, do it every day. Combine it with ingredients that help lighten your skin (like vitamin c), this way you’ll boost up the results.

      One of the signs that you know that it’s working is when you notice your skin getting brighter. I think if you start using it daily, this will happen in a week or 2. After about a month, skin tone even out and some small scarring/dark pigmentation getting lighter or fading away. You might get better results if you can skin can tolerate the daily use, but if you’re skin gets sensitive or you don’t have time to use it as much, naturally the results aren’t that noticeable.

      And of course, weekly exfoliation and sunscreen helps with the results too! :)
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  13. Annette Churcher

    What a brillient site… Off to buy turmeric and yoghurt. Thanks So much..

  14. reema

    Hi Helen,

    i have few queries i have scar marks that is about 1 month old .. so how much approx tym it will take to fade the scars ……

    • Hi Reema,

      well it depends how bad/severe the scar marks are. But because they are quite new, you can still apply turmeric and aloe to speed up the healing progress. If you only want to heal and fade the scars away quickly.. I say, use them as many time a day as possible. I haven’t use aloe vera for scars or dark pigmentation yet, so it’s hard to me to say how fast it’ll work and it all depends on your scarring condition. With turmeric, I would say after a month.. you should see some results, but I can’t say the marks will be completely gone. And it’s better to use fresh turmeric, when treating scars.

      And you should leave the aloe vera on your skin, don’t wash it off. These ingredients should left on skin as long as possible, they’re more effective that way. Hope this helps!
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  15. reema

    i have fresh aloe vela plant and on night i am using its gel for one hour and after that wash it off with luke warm water

  16. Sharon

    Hi Helen,

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    I would like to say to you, that I love your blog! I really love the Body Scrub! Thank you so much for sharing! I want to ask you about the Body Scrub, can I use it for everyday??

    Thanks you so much!


    • Hi Sharon :) Happy New Year to you too!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog, thank you. The body scrub shouldn’t be use more than 2-3 times a week. The skin on your body and face is pretty much the same. Over exfoliating the skin will damage it in a long run. If you want to treat a certain area on your body like scarring or uneven skin tone, maybe you should consider making a turmeric paste and apply daily?!
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  17. Riz

    Hello, just stumbled on your site, my daghter suffers from eczema and we have tried all the eczema creams and solutions, but no success, i am thinking of using the turmeric, what do u suggest to use i have sensitive/cracked very very dry skin. thank you. thank you

    • Hi Riz,

      sorry for the late reply. To be honest, if the skin is broken/cracked, I wouldn’t recommend putting turmeric directly on the skin. Because it will sting. I don’t have any experience using turmeric to treat eczema, but though I have heard ppl use it for the treatment. I think you should try to wait until the skin is healed and try to combine applying turmeric (mix with cream or oil) topically as well as consuming it. But please, do talk to your doctor and do you own research. I don’t think consuming turmeric can be harmful but I’m not a doctor.. so I can’t guarantee anything.
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  18. Rachael

    This is very interesting! When using this for stretch marks…how long do you leave it on the area?

    • Hi Rachael,

      preferably over night :) maybe the best way to mix it with your body lotion, then apply on your skin. It will stain your clothes, so wear something that you don’t mind getting stained.
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  19. Riz

    Hello Helen
    Thank you for your advice. :)

  20. Esther

    I started using the turmeric-yogurt mask in October, and absolutely love it! It’s easy and cheap too. It’s helped a lot with my acne. Sometimes I add some lemon juice in it. I use it every night now, for 10 min or so, and my skin feels amazing. I didn’t originally use this website for the info (kinda wished I did though), but reading this all now again, make me happy that I made a good choice to go with turmeric! My friend recently started using ProActive and I don’t see any changes at all, whereas I have been getting good results! I would recommend it to anyone! :)
    Great article!

    • Hi Esther,

      sorry for the late reply. I’m so happy to hear someone’s being enjoying turmeric as much as I do too. I do tend to go back to turmeric-yogurt mask whenever my skin start to have scars again. It’s heals and even out the skin quickly.. The only problem is, I wish I can commit to it faithfully like you do!
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  21. barbara mory

    Hey hi,
    My grandmother always suggests me to use turmeric for skin glowing. But, i am little bit confused how to apply over the skin. You suggest the specific way. It will really helpful for me. Thanks for these wonderful suggestion.

  22. Diamond

    If it can reduce facial hair and you put the mask around the eyebrow wouldn’t it still get in your eyebrows while you are rinsing it out?? I really would like to know soon because I want to do this mask in a week or so. Thanks :)

  23. Kerima

    Hi Helen,

    Can i use turmeric+honey+lemon for my pimple scars and hyperpigmentation? Thanks!

    • Hi Kerima,

      yeah you can use that combo for fading scars and reduce hyperpigmentation.. However, may I recommend instead of honey, use yogurt. Because it has lactic acid and it will speed up results for you :) that’s how I usually use them. Try both recipes and see which suits your skin better.
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  24. Kerima

    Hi Helen,

    I would try it out tomorrow evening. Thank you so much!

    Oh, by the way what particular brand of yogurt should i use?


  25. tina

    hi helen. nice to c ur blog dear..even i love turmeric too

  26. pang

    hi helen, just check with you, if got the acne scar , can apply the tuemeric with yogurt over night can?

    • Hi Pang

      Yes, you can use turmeric to fade acne scars quickly.. I usually like to use the mask in the evening and leave it on until it has dry out then wash it off before going to bed.
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Facial Friday: DIY Aspirin Mask + RecipesMy Profile

  27. helani

    hi..i love turmeric many times per week you use turmeric on ur face?

    • Hi Helani

      Glad to hear that you love turmeric too :) I usually try to use it more when I have scarring from a breakout, like 4-5 times/a week. If not, I only use it 2-3 times a month to brightens my skin tone.
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Facial Friday: DIY Aspirin Mask + RecipesMy Profile

  28. Linda

    Thanks for the great tips. I didn’t know this was beneficial for stretch mark treatment. Will give it a go!

    • Hi Linda

      Happy to hear that you find the post helpful ;) Feel free to come back and share your experience with us. If you going to use turmeric on your body, remember to wear something that, you don’t mind getting stained.
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  29. Evelyn

    Hi Helen,

    Glad to see ur blog!! Good job, keep it up.
    My grandmother & mother have repeatedly told me to apply turmeric mask.
    But I am very lazy (Though i want good results, I apply it for a day & discontinue) :-(
    But by seeing ur blog and comments from others, I will try to stick to dis regimen.
    Wud u recommend me to keep d mask overnight??
    My problem wid turmeric is, the face appears yellow the following day.

    (I am 24 yrs nw, once i hd applied turmeric when i was 13 yrs to reduce facial hair, and my classmate[boy] asked me y my face was yellow? I was so embarrased :-( i had to tell a lie dat I had been to my relatives’ wedding [cos in india its a mandatory custom to apply turmeric 2 days before the wedding]) :(

    • Hi Evelyn

      Awww, we all know that boys can be mean at times ;) so telling a little white lie is OK. I totally relate to you about being lazy and the bad thing about using turmeric is, it can get messy and it stains your skin. That’s why I prefer using the mask in the evening, or if I’m not going any where that day, I would use it in the morning and night :) to double the effectiveness.

      I noticed washing my face with a normal cleanser, isn’t enough to remove the yellow stain on my face. It’s better to wipe it off with a cotton pad, using a toner or a cleansing water after cleansing the skin. You might have to do this a few times, depends how yellow your skin have turned. Remember, the more turmeric you added or/and depending how long you left the mask on.. will make your face more yellow. But you can wipe it all off with a cotton pad :) Good luck with the turmeric!
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Facial Friday: DIY Aspirin Mask + RecipesMy Profile

  30. Evelyn

    thank u vry much helen!!

  31. Rumana

    Hi Helen!
    I suffer from eczema on my arms,legs,neck ,shoulders and a patch on my tummy! Recently due to exam stress and an unbalanced diet(mainly consisting of cereal bars as they were quick,tasty and healthy!) my eczema has exacerbated particularly on my legs and arms-and for the first time in my life its reached my FACE :(
    The main area are my eyelids,chin ,forehead,cheek &upper-lip area (basically I have whats called a ‘eczema mustache’)lol.

    So, I went docs and they gave me hydro cortisone to thin down the skin-that helped.However I am left with horrible dark patches and scarring,:(So,after a few relatives suggested this treatment I slightly doubted it UNTIL I looked it up online,here on your blog!The info you have here is great, I am so glad I have come across it,I shall be giving the turmeric/chickpea flour/milk combo paste a good try on my face/arms/legs starting from today!

    I’m extremely determined on finally sorting this problem out so I’m giving it a trial,every night apply the mask 30mins for 30days?do you think this is enough time so I can see any differences?
    Also I suffer from very dry skin on my face as I live in a urban area in UK(polluted,cold,lack of humidity,and generally just horrible!),so on your other page you mention to use a humidifier, Iv never come across one of those things so i was wondering if their was an alternative,maybe steaming my face instead?

    Anyway,if you could provide me with any advice it would be appreciated:) Im excited to give the tumeric a try based on everyones postive experiences and reviews,hopefully my dark patches and scars all heal!

    Thankyou once again for sharing this great info,keep up the good work:D!
    p.s : apologies for the long winded message, il try keep it shorter next time haha x

    • Hi Rumana,

      I’m glad you found my blog :) yes, the recipe you told me sound just fine. Though I haven’t try that combo yet, I only been using the recipes that I’ve provided here, mainly the turmeric+lime juice+yogurt. If my skin feel sensitive, then I’ll skip the lime juice. It’s hard to me to say how long it will takes for you to fade and heal all your scars and discoloration, because everybody’s skin is different. But one thing that can give you some clue is, try to remember how long it took to your previous scars to healed in the past. Turmeric and other ingredients do help to speed up the healing time, but it depends a lot of your skin too. I think you might want to switch the milk to yogurt, when applying it to your face and add some Vitamin E oil into the mix too. At night (and why not in the morning too), apply Vitamin E oil where the scars and dark patches are. When purchase Vitamin E oil, you want choose a pure (natural) one.

      I’m not sure do you still have scarring and patches on your body, if you do – I think the better way to treat them is taking a turmeric+sour milk bath :) that is if you have a bathtub of course. But this probably will stain your tub lol. Or just mix turmeric with some natural oil and rub on the problem area and clothes that you don’t mind getting stained.

      I wouldn’t recommend doing any steaming if your skin is that dry. Steaming once or twice a month is OK for normal skin, but more than that can dehydrate the skin and can make the skin oilier, which can cause breakout. To a sensitive skin, it can really mess up its balance. I think you should try the turmeric mask with yogurt :) I’m pretty sure you can feel the difference in your skin quickly, natural yogurt is great for moisturizing and soothing the skin. If your skin don’t like it, then you can switch to milk.

      Hope these answers help you moving forward to beautiful skin ;)
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  32. Mj

    Hi Helen! Great blog.
    I’m currently using tumeric (bought one bag with the spices and everything ‘coz i have no time to buy the plain ones) combined with milk. I’m using it as a mask. After rinsing, i noticed my face is softer and a little bit clearer (maybe because of my cleanser). I also take turmeric capsule every evening..

    One thing that concerns me is that the scars on my face are not getting lighter. I don’t know why.. I’ve been using the mask for 2 days starting yesterday.. I know i should be patient for the results, but should it be lighter by now? ‘Coz I started taking the capsule 2 weeks ago.. What recipe would you recommend for college students like me? I’m thinking of applying overnight but i’m afraid that it would really stain my face. :( please help. I’ve been looking for ways to lessen my pimples and lighten my scars ‘coz i’ve been suffering this problem for a very long time.. i need help from you.. ‘Coz like you.. i’ve been picking my skin a lot since i knew how to pick them.. Thanks! :)

    • Hi MJ, sorry for the late reply.

      I think you should give turmeric more time, I mean 2 days is way too early to see any actual result. But it’s a good sign that you felt your skin getting softer after using it. If you want to speed up the healing time, try to exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week. Of course, it also depends how old the scars are and how deep/dark they are too.. You might want to read up the previous comments here that have answered to other readers, cause I’ve given similar advices before. Maybe you should consider using turmeric to wash your face, do it before jump into the shower would be my best advice. That way you can avoid leaving turmeric on your face over night. Other than natural ways to lighten your scars, you might want to think of using topical peels. But they aren’t suitable for every skin, because these types of peels are stronger and can cause the skin to be irritated. I’ll be reviewing a product that is really good for this and is very budget friendly too :) you might want to come back here and check it out. Also, when doing all these treatments to lighten and regenerating new skin, you have to remember to stay away from the sun and ALWAYS use sun block before going out!
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  33. Akash

    hi.. I am 19 and basically i am fair but since last 3-4 years most of my skin colour have become dark like my my face(especially two sides of forehead, lower lips and cheeks) my neck my hand and underarms but i stay out of from sun so why it is happening and there are lots of pimple on my face. I am using turmeric paste since 1 week and it is effective but my skin is not becoming fair as i was when i was before 4 years.. So please advice to get rid of these problems

  34. ANJALI

    i suffered hyperpigmentation on face last 6-7 years, i am 45 yrs old lady, is it possible to cure it with the help of turmeric & yogert?

    • Hi Anjali,

      very sorry for the late reply. Turmeric and yogurt will help with hyperpigmentation, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work as fast as you wish. When your skin gets older, it doesn’t renew itself like it used to when you were younger. Turmeric can give you results but you have to be really consistent with it. And because your condition have lasted that long, it will takes a while to see any significant difference.
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  35. sally

    I have little hair on my nose for along time will tumeric help less these hair they are so small they look like black heads.

  36. mandi

    Can you use this on sensitive skin? I have really sensitive skin and breakouts and I can’t find anything that works without having some kind of reaction..

    • Hi Mandi,

      to be honest if your skin is broken or irritated, turmeric will sting a lot on your skin and can make the condition of your skin looks worse. But I’ve heard ppl using turmeric to treat acne and excema, so I can’t see why you could not try it. If you decide to use it, mix it with natural yogurt – more yogurt than turmeric in your case and see how your skin reacts. Hope this tip helps!
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  37. lyn

    If you try to fade acne scars – do the turmeric mask (put more turmeric powder), at night put on turmeric powder mix WITH CREAM (which cream?) on the scars, exfoliate 1-2 times/a week, use sunblock(!). You don’t want the scars to get darker from the sun while you trying to treat them! It’s easier and quicker to fade fresh scars than old ones tho, but it isn’t impossible… im doing it right now :) tnx!

  38. lyn

    i forgot to ask also, after im done with turmeric mask? do i need to put something, like moisturizer or anything b4 i go to sleep? thanks! have a blessed day :)

    • Hi Lyn,

      I usually do apply a moisturizer after the turmeric mask. But if you feel like your skin don’t need it (especially if you live in humid climate), then you don’t need to. But to speed up the treatment and makes it more effective, you can dot on the scars with turmeric cream ( any regular cream mix with turmeric or just fresh turmeric and rub it on the area) and leave it over night. Leaving it on for that long does stained your face, but you can remove the stains better using your toner and cotton pads after washing the face with a cleanser. Hope these tips helps, have a beautiful day!
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  39. dark angel

    Hi helen
    Like the previous comment from akash I see you did not reply to his comment… I’ve also been getting dark on my face mainly my forehead and chin so I would like to know if honey and tumeric mask would work to atleast lighten my skin, giving me a brighter complexion? I reli hate my skin tone and I need a lighter skin complexion thanx!

    • Hi there,

      I couldn’t really reply to Akash because her problem sounds like something that I couldn’t give any advice and I doubt that turmeric could help her either. I think it could be related to genetic, but I don’t know her + I’m not a dermatologist so I can’t say it for sure. I can only give you tips on something that I know and have experience with, so please understand that. If your problem is similar to her, do you think this kind of change of skin tone runs in your family? If it is something part of your development, there’s not much turmeric (or any natural ingredient) can do. But it doesn’t mean you can’t treat it, you just have to look for other alternatives, perhaps something stronger like chemical peels or laser. I don’t know your condition and if you’re not sure either, you should give turmeric+lemon+yogurt a go for a few months and see where it gets you :) Hope my answer helps in some way.
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  40. fahreen

    i drink turmuric paste with it benificial for fairness?

  41. Elsie

    Hi helen!
    Great blog! I am a 55 yr. old female with fair sensitive skin, I have suffered from mild Rosacea for several years now. Will Turmeric w/ Yogurt help heal my face and even it out? & if so how should I mix it? I put Turmeric in just about everything I cook because it helps w/ the inflamation of my Arthritis& I love…love …love this spice.
    God blees & have a great day & thank you so much for this informative blog, you are awsome.

    • Hi Elsie,

      thanks for the well wishes. I don’t have experiences using turmeric to treat Rosacea, but I’ve heard lots of great reviews from others who have suffered from it. Usually they take it orally, so I would recommend drinking it and also apply it as a facial mask. As a drink, start off with a teaspoon of turmeric mix in with warm milk or tea and drink it daily. As a facial mask, yogurt and turmeric sounds just right for you (do it daily if you can). I believe the mask will calm the redness and over time will ease the symptoms or heal them completely. If you decide to try these methods, I would look forward to hear about your progress :) Have a Beautiful Sunday and Bless you.
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Facial Friday: How To Prep Your Skin For Flawless MakeupMy Profile

  42. Elsie

    Hey Helen,
    An update…I tried the turmeric mask last night & this morning. I mixed a few drops of Neem oil a tb. of turmeric powder and some organic 2% milk to make a paste. Let me tell you that my face has never looked so great. I saw the results immediately. The mask felt so cool on my skin. Will continue to use it. I will keep u posted. Thanks again!

  43. Akash

    ya mam thanku mam that helped me aloot but i m male not female. Thanks

  44. Akash

    no need to sorry your all answers and reviews realy helped me aloot . Thanku so much

  45. tarona

    Hi Helen. Great blog you have! I’m all for natural and I love using using natural stuff instead of store bought products.

    I’d just like to find out if you think tumeric would be just as effective if you use it for a shorter period of time, say like about 10-15 mins but everyday? I want to use it mixed with olive oil for stretch marks and sun-darkened skin. My skin tone is darker and the stretch marks that I have are about five years old(pregnancy scars LOL). Using it overnight is not an option as it really turned messy when I tried once! Thanks for the great info!!!

    • Hey Tarona,

      I think the length of the treatment depends very much on how your skin can take in the turmeric. If you read through all the previous comments, some of the readers said they only use turmeric every night for a few minutes and they still got great results. For me, because I think I went through all the trouble of mixing the mask (which takes 2 minutes lol), so I might as well leave it as long as I can because I rarely do the overnight treatment. Like you said it really is messy and I don’t have the time to do the treatment daily either.

      You can do the mask on for 10-15 mins, but do it daily and put more turmeric powder in, so it would be stronger. Since you want to treat your stretch marks, another trick you can try out is; after you have applied the turmeric mask on the problem area. Take cellophane and wrap it tightly around your skin, this will help the skin to absorb the mask better and prevent it from evaporating. Obviously, it’s hard to do this on the face, but you can do this on your thighs, belly and breasts. This wrapping technique also helps firming the skin and treating cellulite too.

      Hope this tip will help you :)
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Facial Friday: How To Prep Your Skin For Flawless MakeupMy Profile

  46. tarona

    Thank you so much. I will definately try it out!

  47. Akash

    i have lots of pimples on my face and it is not even so how to get flawless face by turmeri. I am using turmeric paste mixed with sandalwood powder and lemon juice daily for 40-60 minutes. Suggest me plz

    • Hi Akash,

      that treatment sounds good to me. But you can boost the effectiveness of turmeric by drinking it too. So mix a teaspoon of turmeric into glass of warm milk or tea and have it daily. Treating acne is a tricky thing and it does take a long time, so you need to patient with it. Another good thing you may want to try is to add natural yogurt into the mask too. If you keep your skin nicely moisturized, it will help balance the oil production hence skin gets less oily, which helps with congested skin. Natural yogurt is very soothing, so it will calm your skin down too. I love using natural yogurt, so I highly recommend you add that into your regimen :) I have another DIY facial mask tutorial coming up, where I’m going to be sharing a recipe to help heal and fade acne scars faster. You may want to come back and check it out!
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Facial Friday: How To Prep Your Skin For Flawless MakeupMy Profile

  48. Akash

    thanku very much i will try this.

  49. isabella

    good for u young lady its good that u start at a young age the home made beauty treats thank you for shareing

  50. akash

    yes mam i want to check it out

  51. Mockingjay

    I used turmeric today(a mask with milk and turmeric),stayed about 20 min with it on,then washed a lot and applied lemon juice,but I’m still yellow >< (P.S.I have darker skin) I know that is used to brighten your face,but I don't want to be yellow *teary*
    will this colour get off eventually?

    • Hi Mockingjay

      If you haven’t read my previous comments, I had advise to use a toner or cleansing water to remove turmeric stain. This is the best way to get rid of the yellowness. So after washing your face with a cleanser, use cotton pads with toner/cleansing water to wipe it all off. Hope this tip helps :) Have a nice weekend!
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Sauerkraut 3 Day Detox Diet Diary: Day 1My Profile

  52. Donna Bell

    Hello Helen and thank you so much for such a comprehensive review of your experience with the tumeric mask. You are also to be commended for patient and sensitive answers to your commentors.

    I will be looking forward to using the mask on my 62-year old skin and posting your website address on my Facebook page…surely, many people will find your advice of great benefit.

    Do It Yourself, inexpensive and easy…what’s not to love about it???

    Helen, Keep up the marvelous work…it is much appreciated!

  53. Donna Bell

    Helen, by the way, is there any way for us to find and purchase the Lana tumeric cream from Vietnam??

    • Hi Donna

      I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my blog :) its nice to hear positive feedback from readers.
      From what I know, you can’t purchase the Lana cream outside Vietnam. But from my experience, the cream isn’t as effective as the DIY turmeric mask. If you want to apply turmeric overnight, you can use cut a piece of fresh turmeric and rub it on areas you want to treat more intensively :) then wash it off the next morning. Keep in mind though – if you’re going to use fresh turmeric, the stain is going to be tougher to removed but it’s not impossible. So dont be scare of it lol.

      Have a Nice Day!
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Sauerkraut 3 Day Detox Diet Diary: Day 1My Profile

  54. Rani

    Hi, could you tel how to use turmeric for facial hair removal? Is it a permanent solution?

  55. Janae

    Hi Helen , I love this article and I was wondering if you could substitute the yogurt with sour cream or milk maybe?

  56. sabby

    when turmeric is not suitable for skin what i can do for it

  57. MNaanys

    Really just what I was looking for. Thank you! :)

  58. Alex

    Hello Helen,
    I was doing some research about this turmeric mask and I came accross your site (which is very nice by the way).
    I am a guy with a seborrheic dermatitis issues:one day I tried the turmeric mask (turmeric,yoghurt,honey) and it was a great relief for my redness.My idea was to do it periodically,but after further research I noticed that this treatment has effect on facial hairs…PANIC!I don’t want my beard or moustaches to be potentially damaged or weakened! :D
    Do you think I am overreacting or not?In case not,would you please give me any other alternative mask for my skin issues?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Alex,

      you’ll be safe to use turmeric mask on your facial hair areas, cause from my experience – turmeric mask isn’t as effective for hair removal. I’ve been using for almost a yr now and I don’t see it have much effectiveness on getting rid of facial hair. So you don’t need to worry about that fact, but just to be safe.. I usually try to avoid applying the mask on my eyebrows, maybe you can do this too if you planning to use turmeric for years and years :)
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…11 Tips: Sunburn ReliefMy Profile

  59. shizukarumi

    Hi, I’ve read that for it to work you have to leave it on for 20-30 mins then wash it off ONLY with water no soap or you will be removing the lightening effects. But I don’t wanna walk around with my skin looking yellow, so how long do I have to wait until I can wash my face with soap to remove the yellowing?

    • Hi Shizukarumi,

      you don’t need to leave for that long if you dont want to. If you’ve read some of the previous comments, you can use the turmeric mask 10mins every day and still get results with it! Good luck :)
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…11 Tips: Sunburn ReliefMy Profile

  60. Alex

    Thank you for your kind reply,have a nice day!

  61. Matutina

    Hi Helen,
    I stambled upon your blog and I have to say I thank God for U. I was looking for a natural skin remedy in spices. That is how I saw tumeric and I happen to have it around, though I seldom use it.
    Anyway, I wanted to also share something with U and other bloggers: Basil infused in wine can close enlarged skin pores.

    • Hi Matutina,

      Oh wow, I really need to look into that basil trick and perhaps blog about it too :) Thanks for sharing it with us and I hope you find my turmeric post helpful. Have a Great day!
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Step By Step Tutorial: Bronze Away Makeup Look With Dior Bronze Sun CoutureMy Profile

      • Matutina

        Thanks dear,
        By the way I forgot to say that the infusion has a little process: get the basil leaves about 20gms and infuse in a bottle of wine approx. quarter a liter and shake to mix. Then store in a dark place for 14 days. Keep shaking every after a day or two. After the 2 weeks your mixture will be ready to use. Sieve it using a clean cotton cloth. That will be your homemade beauty organic toner!
        Please bloggers let me know how it works for U.
        God bless U all.

  62. Mandisa

    Hi Helen, I am out here in Cape Town, SA thanx a lot for the informative blog. I have read all the Q & A ‘s and mine have already been answered, bookmarked ur page and today started using my DIY tumeric musk (tumeric powder+lemon juice +milk ). i am gonna give it 3months tops and cme back again and let you know how has it been treating me.

  63. Heodi

    Hey Helen.
    I heard it reduces dark circles. Can I use it on my eyelids? :) thank you.

    • Hi Heodi,

      I think turmeric can help with your dark circles by lighten them, if your skin is darker under your eyes. But if the dark circles are related to heritage, hollowness under they eyes or blood vessels, etc.. Then turmeric can’t help you with these problems. I wouldn’t recommend putting turmeric on your lids, that’s too close to the eyes and if it drops – It will burn a lot!

      I’ve been using turmeric for a long time and it hasn’t reduce my dark circles :(
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Review & Swatches: L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Rose MademoiselleMy Profile

  64. Melissa

    I have oily skin and I am 16 what is the best facial mask to help my complexion?

  65. lilyyy

    Hi! I want to try this mask, but how are you suppose to take it off after it stains your skin? If you take it off with soap will it not work? Or is it okay to take it off with soap?

  66. Sasha

    Hi Helen

    Great article! Tumerica has an excellent variety of face and body products that all include turmeric and doesn’t stain the skin. Check it out!

  67. Dear Helen

    I have almost the same skintone as yours, I’ve tried this mask last night.
    I let it sit for about 15mins so it dries out, after I wash it off, my skin was left with the horrible orangy yellow stain, just like avatar in yellow color.
    It freak me out, I immediately wash with my cleanser and color remain. I use my makeup remover and cleanser, repeat the cleaning for 3 times and the stain gone.
    Except for the color issue, this mask really gives me soft and delicate skin, and I found that the pores minimized :) which amazed me:)
    I would like to know is it normal to be left with yellow color or if it is just me that have this problem?

    Thanks a lot:)

    • Hi Chelcie,

      This is a very common issue, so don’t worry. I think you maybe using too much turmeric powder, just don’t use as much next time. Another thing could be that your skin is lacking moisture or hydration, so it absorbed more of the mask :) I know it’s a pain to remove the yellow stain, but the color isn’t permanent, so need to be scared of it! Exfoliating skin regularly also helps with this problem. Good luck with your mask.

  68. rimpa das

    m of 23 yrs and i normally get pimples in winters but i get very bad scars as if i suffered from pox… just help me with your magic reply dear….

    • Hi Rimpa,

      I don’t have any magic solution for you, sorry. But you can try the turmeric mask, I’ve moved to a new website :) I hope you find the recipes helpful.

  69. RJ Smith

    I would like to know the exact recipe for the Turmeric facial.I cannot seem to find it here..Thanks in advance:)

  70. RJ Smith

    Ty for your response to me about the recipe a question I thought I had washed it all off of my skin but I did not and it got on a white pillowcase is there anything that will remove the stain

  71. Reena

    An I apply the yogurt and tumeric paste one day after doing a face wax? I am trying to cool off the little red bumps I have from the waxing. I would definitely hold off on the lemon juice for now right?

  72. razzi

    Will turmeric also help me with surgery scars? I recently had surgery and have a long scar that is turning a deep red/brown color. The color is the same as my acne scars so I’m wondering if turmeric will help that too. thanks.

    • Hi Razzi,

      it will but the surgery scars have to be fully healed before applying the turmeric mask on. I think you’ll also need to apply something else on those scars. I’ll have a new DIY recipe for healing scars up on my blog soon, if you’re interested, you can follow my new website for updates
      Helen Nguyen recently posted…Join Me On HelzNguyen.comMy Profile

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