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Su:m 37 Secret Programming Essence Review -

Su:m 37 Secret Programming Essence Review
Helen Nguyen

I can’t believe the week has gone by so fast. After my a month long holiday, this week was my first week back to work. Last Sunday night I was already feeling a bit discomfort about the thought of going back to work. Because I knew the next real holiday like this could be possibly a year later. Sighh, the sight of Strawberry Margaritas are long gone.. Instead, step in a picture of me waking up at the break of dawn in a freezing dark rainy weather, catching and travelling in a crowded bus to work. Oh, the joy of 8-to-4.

As my thought run through my mind. Thinking about my experience with the Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence. I did enjoy using it. I remembered the first time how it made my skin feel afterwards. It was instant softness and silky smooth skin. I was impressed. I kept using it for another week, then I had a feeling that I wasn’t getting the same results like I got the first time.

Sum37 Secret Programming Essence, For Luminous Skin

If you’re interested about the ingredient list, or what the Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence contains - you might want to head over to this website.

Anyone who is familiar with Asian skin care, have probably heard of the comparison of the Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence aka the “Miracle Water”. In the past I’ve tried the Facial Treatment Essence, I was really let down since I didn’t see any changes in my skin. After receiving the Sum 37 Secret Programming, I wasn’t as excited to try this product, just like I was when trying the SK-II Essence. I didn’t want to let the hype got to me again.

Sum37 Secret Programming Essence, For Luminous Skin

In the facial routine, essence should be used after toner and before applying serum. The consistency of this is like a mix between toner and lotion. If I recall it right, the consistency of the Sum 37 Essence is thicker than the SK-II Miracle Water. I just poured about 2-3 drops on my palm, rub the hands together – then gently using dapping motion, pushed the product into my skin. I love how you can feel the effects immediately. Like I mentioned before, when used regularly – I didn’t get the smoothness and the softness any more over time.

This is why, I only go back to it when I feel like my skin is in need of extra care. Not only that Secret Programming Essence was making my skin smooth and soft, it also moisturized it well. In the summer time when I was using this, sometimes I found that I didn’t need to use a moisturizer afterwards. It made my skin look plumper and soothed the redness on the face. If my skin needs some extra moisturizing, then it was better to skip the serum after applying the Secret Programming Essence – and go straight to the moisturizer, or vice versa. All three products together was too overwhelming for my skin. Since the essence was already so rich in texture.

Sum37 Secret Programming Essence, For Luminous Skin

Overall, I think Sum 37 Secret Programming Essence is an excellent product. Especially in the colder months, this would be essential for keeping the skin moisturized and calm. I’m definitely going to repurchase and this product already got me interested in looking into the Sum 37′s other gems too.

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