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Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Bronze Shimmer, Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio Review -

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Bronze Shimmer, Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio Review
Helen Nguyen

This summer I been going all mad about bronzers and highlighters, the look that I been loving. I tested out different products and most of them are shimmery products. I can’t help it, I love shimmers. But as you probably know that with shimmery products can be harder to work with and they tend to emphasize imperfections more than hiding them.

With the Stila Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio and All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer both have shimmer particulars in them and they look beautiful when catches the light. The shimmers in both products are very soft, finely milled. They worked great together and the colors of the products compliment each other.

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Bronze Shimmer, Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio

The Stila Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio comes in a compact grinder for the baked bronzer. In the compact there are three shades – a matte bronzer, a shimmery bronzer and a highlighter in Kitten. When they all grinded together and swatched on hand, the color reminds me of coppery, bronze color. It’s very beautiful indeed. This warm tone bronzer is actually too shimmery to use for contouring. For some weird reason each time I reached for this baked bronzer, I always used it as a highlighter. Probably because I was fooled by the look of the product, and kept forgetting that it was a bronzer, not a highlighter. Well, that’s how I been using it.

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Bronze Shimmer, Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio

With the Set & Bronze Baked Powder if swept on the cheeks with lighthanded can give you the sun-kissed bronze skin. Ideally this bronzer would look better on tan or richer skin tone. On fairer skin, I think it would work better as a blush. Since my skin has a little bit more color now, I prefer use it as a highlighter. Not necessary that it looked great as a highlighter but I kept mistaken this shimmery bronzer for a highlighter.

The color pay off is good and it does last all day, over 8-10 hours. But the disappointing fact is, the color seemed to get darker each time I worn it for longer periods. The bronzer has a warmer tone, and I’m not sure is it because the bronzer oxidized or my cheeks flushed – but the bronzer turned into this orangy color that made me look like I had too much bronzer/blusher on me. It could be because I used it as a highlighter, the color seemed to be more exaggerated. But it was still obvious that the color turned darker, I think it shouldn’t matter where I was using it. I did use it once on my cheeks, the end of the day when I checked in the mirror – the color turned too dark again.

Stila Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio

As the packaging in this, I like that it’s in a compact powder grinder. The idea seems unique and it gives you the control of how much product you want to use.

In the other hand, this gets messy. You have to be really careful how much bronzer you are shaving, because if you don’t use them all and there is left over – they going to be all over the place, next time when you open it. So the mirror in the compact is pretty much useless, because it’s going to be covered by shimmer bronzer. Also, the packaging is bulkier comparing to other compact designs due to a built-in grinder mechanism.

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Bronze Shimmer, Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio

I think the pictures here doesn’t do justice for both products. In real life, they are both much more shimmery and looked beautiful if used right. So you definitely need time to play with them both. You can check out the swatches, when I first got them.

Moving on to the Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Bronze Shimmer. There was various color choices, I chose Bronze Shimmer because I wanted to combine it with the Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio. It was nice to have a color liquid highlighter for a change, since the ones I got are all neutrals. This All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer as the name already said, is a liquid shimmer highlighter and can be use anywhere on the body not just on the face.

The first obvious thing is, the packaging of this very much resembles the Benefit’s liquid highlighters – the little nail polish packaging and the brush applicator in it are identical. But the design is none less practical and easy to carry around with.

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer Bronze Shimmer

Bronze Shimmer is packed with tiny golden particulars and the liquid has a light bronze tint to it. When I applied this on my skin, the color wasn’t actually that noticeable. I needed to build the color up with few more layers. The problem I have with this, is the color doesn’t stand out on my skin. This color actually blends in to my skin tone pretty well, so couple coats of this isn’t enough to create that glowy effects that I was yearning for. But if used too much, it would look too artificial. So I’m still struggling to find the golden midway with the Bronze Shimmer. That’s why I haven’t been reaching out for it that much.

But I like using it with other highlighters that are in powder forms. I noticed the highlighter last longer when combined liquid and powder products together. Using Bronze Shimmer alone, it could easily get drown under the blush and it doesn’t stands out as much. It’s like not wearing anything, if used in moderation.

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