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My Hair Situation - Growing Long Hair -

My Hair Situation – Growing Long Hair
Helen Nguyen

 When I say my hair is dry as a desert – sadly, it isn’t a joke. Years of coloring have taken tole of my hair. I got no one else to blame but myself.. and oh yeah, thanks to my formal beauty school too.

If we rewind back to my first experience with hair dye, it was back in middle school. The color payoff wasn’t dramatic, which made me even more determined to get the desired color that I wanted. I believe back then it was red. I was in a rebellious age.

Now fast forward back to the older, wiser and regretful me. After my first hair dye, I haven’t look back since. It was the last time I saw my natural hair color. Every time I saw those roots coming out, I must colored them to another shade. I don’t hate my hair color. But the feeling of getting a new look whenever the mood hits, excited me. It’s like a new you with a better hair color.

Helen aka Helz Nguyen

Helen aka Helz Nguyen

These last few years I been desperately try to grow my hair and get my own color back. I miss it. I been coloring my hair non stop for over 13 years (?!), sometimes I doubt is my own hair even black because I haven’t seen it for such a long time. Silly, I know.

I used lots of hair treatments on my hair, hopefully to rescue whatever I got left. Although my hair is all damaged, I still got a lot of it.

My hair mission is to grow it longer and reverse the damage, if there’s any hope for it. That means no more coloring, I also completely gave up on using hot tools. Believe me, some days are harder than others.

My hair today is almost reaching the middle of my back (where the bra hits) but after a few weeks of consideration, I decided to cut it shorter. So I will get a hair cut next week.

I blame my mom for the bad camera angle and the bed head

I blame my mom for the bad camera angle and the bed head

 The reason why I want to cut my hair after growing out for over 2 years, is because the hair that is left is so damaged, it has been really hard for me to maintain them. I don’t see the point of keep nourishing and taking care of something that isn’t going to be there for long.

I get my hair trimmed every few months to keep those split ends away and to get rid off the damaged part. But even then, the hair is still hard to manage. I spend lots of money buying all kind of products to rescue these frizzy, weak hair and the results isn’t worth it. So now I rather chop them off and start over again, only this time I can concentrate more on the hair growth and not to worry the other stuff. After all I’m more confidence on how to get my hair grow faster, than taking care of my dry brittle hair.

I decided to do a Hair Diary on my blog, to keep you updated on my hair growth journey. Everything I do and use, I’ll post it up here. I would love to hear any product recommendation or what you guys do to keep your hair healthy and help growing them faster.

Helen aka Helz Nguyen

Helen aka Helz Nguyen

 Until next time, take care.

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  1. Keziah

    Hey :) I use different oils in my hair, and I havent had it cut in ages :/ and I had the exact same hair length at you now my hair is at my belly button after 3 years of not cutting it so much, leaving oils in plaiting it. Deep conditioning, I only blow dry my hair if I need to but usually I dont bother xD
    Water is essential, so i would suggest a suppliment and drink lots of water folic acid is meant to be good. Coconut oil, castor oil, alma oil, alma oil with jasmine fragrance. I have 2 doo grow oils the stimulating scalp and thickening oil, I use the doo grow oils after i have shampooed my hair, then i put a cap on for about 20 minutes. I have used the alma oil at night and left it on my hair, with a cap and made some holes in it. I hope you have some luck, great blog :)

    • Thanks for the tips Keziah ;) Yeah I have been doing the oil treatments and deep conditioning my hair too, but not so often (maybe that’s why). But even then I don’t see much improvement on my hair. I tried taking Biotin for the longest time and still didn’t see much hair growth. The alma oil and the folic acid are the 2 I havent try yet, so I will definitely giving them a go :) OH and that Doo Gro hair oil you mentioned, I never heard of it either! I just google it and it sounds very interesting :) totally going try it!! :D Thanks for visiting!

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