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MAC Saint Germain Lipglass Review and Swatch -

MAC Saint Germain Lipglass Review and Swatch

| On 19, May 2012

When the Fashion sets from MAC came out, I knew right away what I wanted to get and so I did! I got the whole set of MAC Saint Germain. But I’m only doing the review and swatches of the lipglass in this post and the other ones later. So stay tuned!

MAC Fashionset Saint Germain

MAC Saint Germain lipglass

I’m pretty sure y’all familiar with MAC lipglasses. I personally don’t like the texture of them too much, they tend to be too sticky. But I have said it in my previous review of MAC Hey Sailor lipglasses. I find that after applying it on my lips, I need to blend it out with my finger. That way the product will get a chance to warm up and will be less sticky.

Otherwise, the color payoff of MAC lipglasses have always been good. With Saint Germain, it’s a baby pink milky color. It leans more to cold tone. I could see that it can be a bit pale to some people. To myself after first applied, it looked more like a nude pink. But after a few minutes, the warmth of my lips helps melt down the color and allowed my own lip color to show through. It still maintain a milky pink color, but not so pale looking anymore.

MAC Saint Germain lipglass outdoors

I didn’t test out how many hours the Saint Germain lipglass would last. I drink and eat constantly and it wouldn’t be fair to do the test. These lip products aren’t meant to be long lasting anyway, so I didn’t expect that either.

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