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MAC Heavenly Creature Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish and Pleasureseeker Lipstick Review and Swatches -

MAC Heavenly Creature Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish and Pleasureseeker Lipstick Review and Swatches
Helen Nguyen

I got these two from last month Heavenly Creature collection, and I been taking my time using them. Star Wonder wasn’t exactly love at first sight for me. I was struggling with this, because I wasn’t sure whether to use it as a blush, a powder or as a highlighter?! It seemed to be a good idea at the counter – an all in one product but at home, it’s a whole nother story. It turned out to be too confusing to a simple makeup consumer like meh :)

MAC Heavenly Creature Pleasureseeker, Star Wonder

I can understand this product would be a hit or miss for some people. For me it was both. I didn’t like the results it was giving me the first few times I used it. Star Wonder is a plumy pink with fine melted gold shimmers. I don’t use plumy colors. In my makeups collection, Star Wonder is the first and I didn’t know how to work it. Luckily one day, I just applied it on my cheekbones and discovered that I loved how it look! Ever since it has been one of my favorite highlighter.

Star Wonder is great as a highlighter, giving the skin the luminosity and sun-kissed cheeks. This golden highlighter works great with many bronzers, shimmery and matte. Ah, the two just makes you look like you just came back from a holiday.. or just have an amazing skin ;)

MAC Heavenly Collection Helen Nguyen

But there is a down side to it, when I pick up the color from the pan – I can only take it on the side, where’s the gold shimmers are. Not from the center, where the plumy vein is the strongest. I’ve found that if I twirled the brush around the center, picking up every color on the pan and applied it on my cheeks. The color looked good at first, but after a couple hours passed by.. Oh, boy – the plumy pink color turned into this dustier, darker pink mixed with gold shimmers.. I looked like I just step out of the sauna with a full face of makeups. And trust me, no way I was aiming for that look!

It doesn’t matter if I only apply the plumy pink color from the center, that color just doesn’t suit me on its own either. I’m happy that all it’s not lost with this product, and I’m pretty satisfy using Star Wonder as a highlighter only.

MAC Heavenly Creature Star Wonder, Pleasureseeker

Moving on to Pleasureseeker – now what can I say about this lipstick? I actually don’t have any problem with this, other than I wish it could lasted longer on my lips. It’s one of MAC’s regular lipstick, not from their pro longwear lipcreme line. But the good thing about it then, it’s not drying on the lips like the pro longwear lipcremes tend to be. Pleasureseeker is a nice, sheer finish peachy colored lipstick. The texture of this is pleasant, light and soft. Because of the texture, you need to apply a few layers to actually get a better color pay off. I think Pleasureseeker is nice summery peach color and very appropriate for day time wear.

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