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Helz Hair Diary, 3 months after the haircut -

Helz Hair Diary, 3 months after the haircut
Helen Nguyen

Today I will be updating you guys on my hair growth journey. It’s been a bit over three months since I got my haircut back in May. Time really flies! I can’t believe summer is almost over, luckily for me – my summer holiday just began this week, so I got much time to chill and to blog.

If I recall it right, three months ago I decided to cut off about 8cm of my hair. It’s quite a lot I know, but I thought to myself – if I’m going to cut my hair, I want to cut off as much dry/damaged hair as possible. My hair got noticeable shorter, but I didn’t regret it for one second. To me, it was a sign of a fresh start. I remembered a few years ago, this decision didn’t come easily for me. Not even when I was sitting at the hairdresser’s chair. It was too painful to me to watch the hairdresser cutting my hair, so I just kept my hair down the whole time. Of course, this made the hairdresser unsure and felt bad for doing her job – but I convinced her, this is what I really wanted. Such drama for over a haircut I know :D Goshh, silly me. Now, I wouldn’t care that much even though I loved to have my hair longer.

Helz's Hair Diary, May-August

Over three months of growing my damaged hair wasn’t as tough as I’ve expected. My hair grew surprisingly fast. So at least I know I’m doing something right. We going to go over every step I been doing, so to anyone who’s interested of growing their hair – hopefully my tips may come in handy for some of y’all.

Hair Care:

-No hot tools

-No coloring

-Only shampoo hair once a week

-Use deep conditioning mask every time when washing your hair

-Use Argan Oil for leave-in treatment

-Drink a glass of carrot juice daily

The last three months I been trying to stick with only washing my hair twice a week, but shampooed it once. Every time I washed my hair, I used a deep conditioning mask and left it for 20-30mins in the shower before washing it off. There is actually one rule that I already broke, that is the No coloring-rule. I just dyed my hair last week, so there…. Moving on quickly :D I been using the milkshake Glistening Argan Oil for all over my hair after every wash. But I noticed I don’t need it as much like I used to, and my hair seems to be less drier too – I guess it got to do with not washing the hair often, makes them less dry. It also feels like my hair is less depending on products, it’s much stronger on its own. Mama so proud now!

Helz's Hair Diary, May-August

Hair Growth Supplements:

-MSM powder

-Fo-Ti Root capsules

-Vitamin C

Just to make it clear, you should always ask for your doctor’s advice when taking new supplements. I been combining MSM powder, with Fo-Ti Root capsules – these are the only supplements I’m taking for hair growth. MSM powder works better with Vitamin C, so I combining it with that. With the dosages, I’ve worked my way up to 2500 mg of MSM, and I take 2 capsules of Fo-Ti Root, which is 1220 mg daily. I used take 1000 mg of Vitamin C, but now I only take 250 mg daily. I do use my other daily supplements too, but I haven’t been consistent with them and I doubt they have anything to do with my hair growing faster.

Next time I may explain to you why Fo-Ti Root is great for anybody who’s trying to grow their hair faster and stronger. Until then, have a lovely day!

PSssst. Do you have any hair care secret you can’t wait to share with me? Please leave it in the comment box below :) I would love to know what’s your long hair secret!



  1. Kay

    You never posted why to thinks fo-ti helps. Can you say why? Thanks Kay

    • Hi Kay,

      if you asking about whether if Fo-Ti helps with my hair growth or not, then I can say that it doesn’t have as much impact like MSM. I find that MSM helps my hair to grow better. Back then I thought it was the combination of the 2 together, but when I dropped Fo-Ti and only took MSM.. My hair growth didn’t stop and before that when I was taking Fo-Ti alone, it didn’t speed up my hair growth like MSM does. If you’re interested trying MSM, I have written about it on here :) Hope this answer helps.
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