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Exciting news - New website coming soon! -

Exciting news – New website coming soon!
Helen Nguyen

Hello everyone!

Sorry for lack of posting, but these last few days I been holding back with the blogging because I’m planning to do a huge transformation on my blog :) we going to get a new website soon y’all! So I been working and preparing for the new website all this time. For this project, For Luminous Skin is teaming up with Sub:Zero Design – 3D Web Design Studio.

Sub:Zero Design is also my hosting company, that’s why I trust them to redo my blog. But that’s not the only reason, if you don’t know – Sub:Zero Design is one of the most popular 3D Web Design Studio in Vietnam. So I’m more than excited to get a chance to collaborate with them, and get my blog pimp up by these 3D gurus lol. Who knows, maybe next time when you visit my blog – you have to wear 3D glasses, makeups flying around you and doing live swatches on your hand :D a girl can always dream right?!

My goal here is not only to get my blog to grow bigger, but I also want it to better and easier to use – and I’m doing this all because of you. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and this time, won’t be your last time :) would be even greater, if I get to hear from you, whether it’s a feedback, a comment or a hello.

So feel free to contact me anytime. Do you have any idea, recommendation to the new website? Is there anything you want us to improve, or/and is there any post idea you want me to write about? Any topic that you would like to read more on For Luminous Skin.. How was your day today?

I’m not sure is the blog still running while we doing all the transforming. If the blog is still up, be aware there might be some errors and 404s . But I’ll update you guys, if we decide to take down the blog for the meantime. Better way to keep yourself updated is to subscribe – that’s how I can reach you the easiest and fastest way.

Until then, have a lovely week everyone :)


  1. Becca

    Aw how exciting! Can’t wait to see the new look–I’m waiting for the revamp of my site to happen…hopefully won’t be too far down the road :)

    • :) I dont think you even need it, your blog is already looking good! Im excited about mine, but at the same time feeling anxious.. since Im not sure how it’s going to turn out! And haven’t been able to blog these last couple weeks, my hands are getting itchy now :D

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