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DIY Glitter Gradient Nails Tutorial -

DIY Glitter Gradient Nails Tutorial
Helen Nguyen

This is another gradient nail tutorial, the only different is this one is much easier and less time consuming than the previous method. I call it the “lazy girl’s gradient nails” method.

Glitter Gradient Nails

For this tutorial you’ll need:

- nail polish as a base color

- second nail polish as a tip color

- glitter nail polish

- dry fast top coat

OPI Metallic 4 Life, Silver polish by HM (no name) & Glitter polish by HM (no name)

Let’s start:

1. Paint the first color

1. Paint the nails with the first color.  Then let them fully dry before moving on to the next step. You can use the dry fast top coat at this point if you prefer. I used my beloved  Seche Vite.


2. Apply the second color

2. To create the gradient effects, take the second nail polish color and start tapping the color on the tip of the nail. Use the tip of the brush to do this dapping/dotting motion. Concentrate most of the color on the tip of the nail – then dap gently when moving upwards. Don’t go too  far up tho, just only half way on the nail. Do this to all the nails. When finish, let the color dry fully, use the dry fast top coat.


3. Apply glitter nail polish

3. When the nails are fully dry, take the glitter nail polish and paint about half way of the nails – where the second nail color reached. After this, finish them up with a top coat. You’re done, baby!


DIY Glitter Gradient Nails

DIY Glitter Gradient Nails Tutorial

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  1. Reena

    Gorgeous! Love to try them on my nails.

  2. Reena

    Love to do a nail art on this. Its gorgeous and flashy.

    • Thanks Reena :) Yeah its pretty simple and quick to do too!! Try it out :)

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