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3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet - Day 2 -

3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet – Day 2

| On 30, Apr 2012

Today is Day 2 of my 3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet. I woke up in the morning feeling hungry, usually I can easily ignore it by just staying in bed and fall back to sleep. But today the hungry feeling wasn’t like how it usually would be. It turned into a stomach pain. You know, the feeling when you haven’t eaten for a long time. Then you stop feeling hungry, all what’s left from it is the pain of hunger and that was what I had. So I had to forced myself to get up and fix something to eat.

3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet Day 2

3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet Day 2

Diet menu of Day 2

8AM: 2 cups of cantaloupe

10AM: 2 cups of strawberries

12PM: 1 banana

2PM: 2 medium apples

4PM: 1 large mango

6PM: 3-6 cups of raw, fresh leafy greens salad with 1/2 avocado and 1-2 tbsp of olive oil. You can also have it with 12oz of whey protein shake. Use 5 tbsp of whey in the protein shake.

I had mostly the same like in the diet menu, except for the salad. I had my salad with cucumbers, no avocado nor protein shake. I can’t stand the thought of swallowing that protein shake again.

3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet Day 2 - Leafy green salad

Today’s mood was different from yesterday. I didn’t feel lightheaded, but the headache was still there and it lasted pretty much all day. Other than that, there was that stomach pain. It wasn’t bad, it was tolerable but at one point I got really sad, for no reason. Well not completely for no reason but it shouldn’t affect me that strongly. So I’m not sure is it because of the diet is making me more emotional?

This weekend I didn’t feel motivated, there were things need to be done but I couldn’t lift myself up to that stage that I could start doing things and moving around. The first day of the diet, I still got a bit of energy. But the second day, I just wanted to crawl back in my bed and stay there. And that’s what I did, not all day but for a good few hours.

Now towards the end of the night, the stomach pain is gone. My mood is somewhat up-lifted/normal, still have a bit of headache. By the way, my stomach is super flat now – like it doesn’t have anything in there anymore. The flatness may look good, but I can’t wait to the fruit flush diet to be over.

Oh, but funny enough, I don’t have any cravings. Sure I thought about all kinds of food and coffee. But surprisingly I’ve been able to stick with the diet and not having any serious cravings…yet. I also noticed there isn’t any remarkable change in my skin either.

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  1. Nora

    I’m currently on day 2, but I’m starving even with all the fruits, and I totally get the pain in the stomach feeling in the morning too! I heard starvation is counter productive for dieting. Did it end up working out for you?
    Best of luck

    • Hi Nora, the diet did a great job of beating my late night cravings, caffeine addiction and I lost a little weight a long the way too. I remember after the diet, I was still able to steer away from junk food and coffee for a whole month :) But I did hope for seeing some results on my skin, which I didn’t.

      I understand the pain in the stomach is really uncomfortable – I hated it too, but the stomach pain was gone on the third day. And I realized, it was because my body was used to eating certain amount and type of food. Now suddenly I changed my diet to a pretty drastic, STRICK one – of course my body is going to reacts to it. BUT if the stomach pain is getting too much on you, or you start to feel dizzy and too hungry – then go a head and eat something! This isn’t about starvation, it’s about cleansing your body and rebuilding your diet habits.. and a great way for a quick weight loss too.

      I’m not sure what are your goals for doing this diet. If waiting for every 2hrs before you can eat, maybe you can change it to every hr for the morning and maybe consider doing the forth day too – if you start eating more. I think this all can be adjustable for your own good, and always listen to your body. Don’t push it too hard. I recommend that you read my 3rd of the Fruit Flush Diet, if you haven’t already :) Wish you lots of success on your diet and have a fabulous fruity wkend lol!

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