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3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet - Day 1 -

3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet – Day 1
Helen Nguyen

The idea came from after I’ve read Detox Diary on The writer did the 3 days fruit flush, a detoxing diet. I really enjoyed reading it and she made it sound so fun to do and it was only for 3 days… So I decided to do it too.

There’s an actual book from Jay Robb called Fruit Flush 3-Day Detox, it came out in 2005. The diet includes 3 days of consuming only fruits and protein shakes. The fruits will help to remove toxins from your body and therefore you’ll lose weight. It’s a good way to break your food addictions, weight loss and a jump start to a long term diet plan.

I bought everything for the 3 days diet. I got the recipe from I like the idea of cleansing your body – my goals are to get more energy, breaking bad eating habits (I got loads) and from what I read, this diet will also improves your skin condition.. Even better.

3 Day Detox Fruit Flush

Diet menu of Day 1

From 8AM to 4PM: Drink 6oz (180ml) of protein shake for every two hours. Mix 1 1/4tsp of whey protein into water. The protein shouldn’t have any sweeteners or artificial colors. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

At 6PM: Have 3-6 cups of salad with only raw, fresh vegetables and 3-6oz (170grams) of lean chicken with 1tbsp of olive oil.

Ok, I FAILED. Yup, the first day and I couldn’t keep up with it more than a few hours. This is what happened. I decided to do the diet the very next day without thinking any further. Yeah, bad idea.

If you decide to go on a diet the next day just only drinking protein shakes and water. Let me tell ya, you going to starve. Because the day before that, I should have eaten better and probably should have had a late night snack before going to bed. I had my dinner at 5pm, went to bed after midnight and didn’t have anything else in between.

The next morning I woke up hungry, but only had a protein shake. It wasn’t satisfying enough and an hour later, the headache kicked in and I also felt lightheaded. After 3-4 hours, I gave in and have an apple and a few strawberries. But I didn’t feel too bad about it, because my goal isn’t to lose weight.

So after my “moment of weakness”, I decided to change my diet plan and add in more fruits rather than just drinking protein shakes. From the original plan, I should have 5 protein shakes, I only had 3 and had small fruits (apples and strawberries) to replace the shakes. I also drank lots of water in between.

Smoke salmon salad - 3 Day Detox Fruit Flush

Instead of having my dinner salad at 6pm, I pushed it to 7pm. This is because I know I’m going to stay up late, it would be better to have dinner later. So I would still have energy in the evening and not be hungry at night. I also didn’t have chicken, I had smoke salmon with leafy green salad, add in a few cucumbers, peppers and 1tbsp of olive oil.

By the end of the night, I was still hungry, my stomach been growling all day. Lightheadedness and headache were constant, some time they were stronger and at times they got better. Plus I felt weak the entire day. This is something I already expected since I don’t get to eat regular meals. Hoping things will get better tomorrow and I get to eat more of those yummy fruits!

Remember to come back tomorrow and see how I’m doing…

You can find out what happen next 3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet – Day 2 and 3 Day Detox Fruit Flush Diet – Day 3.

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